About Me

My name is Eleanor and I write and upload videos on youtube under the ID of radicallyforjesus.  I am a wife for over 24 years, and I am a Mama to my two children.  Most of all I am a believer in Jesus who is trying to fulfill a Titus 2 mission in life.  

I have quite a few hobbies.  Too many if I am honest.  I like photography, art (painting and drawing), sewing, carpentry (weird for a girl I know), reading, gardening, and the list could go on.  :-P

Most of all I just enjoy being a wife and Mama.


  1. I am glad I found you on youtube ;) and have bookmarked this site. I am a Christian now for 42 years, married 34 years, mother of 3. We are a Christian family in a borough of NYC. I am very blessed by what I've seen on youtube (not much! found you today lol). My name is Eileen. Oh! And I am a grandmother (NaNa) to 5. Have a blessed day!


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