Big Changes for my Website and Store

Well, I had planned to put a new post up about my garden seedling progress.  However, something of importance came up.  This last week my website code apparently got fried a bit.  Our house air conditioner died the same day.  Fun times!  :-P  It is especially frustrating as about a month ago I went through this site and changed some web structure in a way that I felt was better.  That kind of ended up a waste.   Oh well.

I suspect it was some sort of update that Google did to murder my coding.  I didn't even know it had happed until a precious sister who has ordered several times tried to put an order through and it wouldn't function right.  Whatever update occurred,  totally destroyed my Paypal purchase button code that is embedded in my site.  When you clicked add to cart, it wouldn't build a cart at all. 

It is just as well.  It forced me to reassess how I have structured store.  I asked myself some hard questions and talked things over with my husband.  I can fix my site.  I had even started the process this morning.  However, I feel that it is time to use this as an opportunity to simplify. 

I have held back from using Etsy for various reasons but I think it is time to embrace that it is more practical for me.  So from now on, I will focus on premade coverings on Etsy.   

If someone truly needs something custom, please email me for a quote.  I may or may not be able to take on custom work on a case-by-case, and individual quote basis. 

Unfortunately, I will probably increase my pricing, most especially if I do take an order for custom work.  Inflation on fabric and supplies costs is a very real thing.  I have been very surprised at some of the cost increases I have seen when fabric shopping.  When it comes to custom work, that also means altering my schedule and obtaining supplies usually.  So I will be adapting there as necessary.

Anyway, I hope that doesn't disappoint too many of my customers.  I hope to see you on Etsy!

Have a Blessed Sunday!