It's Tomato Startin' Time in Ohio (Zone 6a)

So here in Ohio, depending on the area of Ohio, some folks have started their seeds.  A lot of us start around the beginning of March, plus or minus a couple of weeks.  I began most of these on Mar 1.  

My tomatoes are the thing I have the most experience with, and they are the item that means the most to me.  I adore fresh 'maters.  We can easily use a lot of salsa and canned tomato products in a year here.  I especially prefer homemade salsa to avoid the sugar that some commercial ones have.   Commercial spaghetti sauce is LOADED with sugar.  With my keto ways, I do NOT want sugar in my tomato products.

In the past, I haven't had success with a lot of other indoor seed starts, but I heavily branched out this year.   I added more lights than I have ever tried to use.   I can't go too crazy as my best growing space is in the front yard.  It gets the southern full sun. 

Since my neighbors might not love a cornfield in the front yard, I have to behave.  LOL   I will mostly plant pretty things out there, but in between I am slipping in edibles.  I care a LOT more about edibles than I do pretty.  However, I think we can do both. 

Anyway, I have a raised bed in the side yard.   It is nice, but no where near enough space for the things I plan.  My husband sweetly bought me a small electric tiller that this year I am going to make some new beds where I can.  The front flower beds are pretty big, so I want to add a lot of flowers out there, thus I started a ton of petunias and lavender.  We will see if they survive.  In the past I have had zero success with both seed types.  So far I have oodles of little baby petunia germinated and I am excited and hopeful they work out.  I have seen two tiny lavender seedlings, but I also know they take a long time to germinate. 

I have quite a few other flower seeds planned and aren't put into the starter cells yet.  Marigolds, Zinnias, cosmos, etc.  Oh, I did plant a lot of impatiens too.  no germination there yet.  

Praying I can keep all things alive until time to separate and transplant.  My Grandmother had quite the green thumb.  She was well known for her many flowers.    However, I am known to kill some pretty tough houseplants.  LOL  I am getting better though.  I have had my aloe plant (affectionately known as "Spike") that is about 13 years old.   My Orchids have survived a few years now too.

I pray these plant starts do well.  I also hope I can physically hold up to the garden work I just committed myself to.    I am losing weight, but gardening is physically demanding.  I pray I can handle it and it will further my weight loss.

I have created a garden notebook, to track what I start, how much, when, etc.  Hopefully, that helps me improve and adjust each year.

Have you all started seeds yet?  I know some of yall might have started back in Dec or Jan depending on where you live. 

PS The cashier at Lowe's told me that seed packets are little packets of Spring Hope.  That made me smile.

I have some tomato seedlings in the past couple of days.  I am hoping for a few more, especially my beloved Red Hearts.

Baby Petunias Galore

Greem Onions which I can't wait to eat up.

Some Brocolli, kale and cabbage coming up.  

I had to screen all of this in to keep the cats at bay.  LOL

An experiment in a "new to me method" called winter sowing.  So far I haven't seen any germinations, but I don't really expect any yet either.

I am regretting the use of the egg cartons, but it is working for thyme and oregano so far.

 The container on the right is full of baby dill seedlings.  Pickles...yummmmm