Electrical Tape, Duct Tape, Plumbers Tape....It's All Good

 Last fall's project was rebuilding the front steps. They haven't fallen down yet. So currently, I am trying my hand at plumbing. (Hubby has some crazy taste in who he hires around here.)

We have some Polybutelyne pipe that supplied one of our exterior hose bibs. The other hose bib is not a frost-free one, which given Ohio's winter is a problem. You have to remember to shut off the water supply to these hoses when it is freezing out or risk the lines freezing/bursting.
Anyway, the big issue is the poly-b pipe. This kind of pipe is a no-no to have at all as it caused a lot of lawsuits due to it being brittle and prone to breakage. So we want it out, especially as the basement is finished and it being dry is kinda nice. LOL
I was disconnecting the old hose bib where it was connected to the poly-b pipe with compression fitting. Keep in mind that it is a rather old potentially brittle fitting, and what was it secured with???
A thick layer of electrical tape, plus a thin layer of duct tape...both of which were also old and brittle. Finally, there was a little plumbers tape. Ya know, because that makes it all better.
There is also a bathroom in the basement that I will be replacing the shower valve and fixtures soon. Why? It is an old copper mixing valve, but whoever done the plumbing used duct tape on it too.
Hopefully, I can at least improve over duct tape plumbing. No promises though.
Thought I would share the laugh.....