Blog and Store Refresh - Confirmation that I am Open for Custom Orders

    I have noted that some of my viewers have been unsure if I am accepting orders.  I am open to do custom sewing.  Please click on the store link below if you were wanting to place an order. 

    In reviewing my website, which is admittedly LONG overdue,  can see why some people were unsure if I was open or closed.  I noticed some issues with my blog design that was making information appear confusing.  So in the coming days, I will work on changing the design around.  I would like to clean it up.   I also wish to give each headcovering it's own ordering page so that I can add more photos of them.

    I already have gotten started.  So if you find links acting odd or issues, please realize I am in the process of tinkering with this site to try to make it more simplified and clean.  I am mostly using the free tools within blogger, so it is rather time-consuming.  I will do my best to get the site looking better as I am able.

    Thank you all for your patience!

PS  The photo is from spring 2020 of the rhododendron in my backyard.  I am so looking forward to this spring and snagging more pics.