Ready-Made is Now Available

I finally have ready-made items available!!!!  So far it is only about 11 items.  I hope to grow that as I have time and IF there is interest in that.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get that worked out directly on this blog.  I am so sorry about that!  I spent hours today fighting with the code on the pay buttons and the website.  Things were not working as they should.  So my husband said I really should opt for the backup plan of Etsy.  I considered eBay as I have a large feedback history with eBay.  However, Etsy is better suited, although I have not always liked some of their decisions.  Listing was far easier than dealing with coding issues. 

The major drawback is I have to raise prices a smidge there to help cover their fees.  The good thing is they are less than I thought they would be so it isn't too bad.  I am still offering the custom items on my blog as that was set up a few months ago.  That is still functioning thankfully!  

If you want a custom-made, you don't mind waiting a while for a slightly cheaper price, then see my blog on these pages:

If you need something NOW or you just prefer that platform, please see my Etsy store:

I will say opening an Etsy store will allow me to sell other handmade items as I feel frisky.  I may one day incorporate some of my photography and art.  Plus there are other sewing offerings I have considered.  Time will tell.



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