Ready-Made Coming Soon

Heads up.  I am working on my website.  I just added a page for ready-made coverings for sale.  There is nothing on it as of this posting, but there will be very soon.  Here is a link for people who read this later on.   Click here

This week, Lord willing, I plan to upload pics and purchase buttons to my site on this page.  I will post when I have stock listed officially.  This page will have an inventory of things already sewn up.  They will be available for immediate shipment.  They will also be first come, first serve.

I had planned to use etsy or ebay, but I kept delaying for various reasons.  This way is a fair bit of work editing website code, but yet, it isn't probably any more than etsy or ebay would be.  Also, if I don't use those other platforms, I can avoid their fees which keeps my prices more reasonable.  This is a trial for me so if this does not work out, I may still move to one of those platforms.  We all are trying to save dollars and saving those fees helps a lot where possible.

I do have a batch of things already made. There are quite a few lace veils especially.   I just have to photo and list them on here.  Hopefully, within this week I can add those to be visible for the weekend.  So be watching for those to come very soon.

Remember these are now available on the Veils for Sale page

If you want a bonnet like this, please visit the Bonnets for sale page!