Rejecting Fashion Trends but Embracing Quality and Modesty


  1. I tend to have 4 wardrobes. One is casual knock around the house stuff. Usually tshirts and skirts or jumpers. Second is what my daddy called "Sunday go to meeting" clothes. Those are church clothes. Nicer skirts and blouses and jackets and cardigans. Third is "occasion" clothes. I have a specific dress, slip and shoes that are for funerals and another for weddings. Fourth is my grungy stuff. That's for dirty work. Bathing the dogs, mowing the lawn, cleaning out the garage or attic. Wardrobes 1, 2 and 4 are seasonal. As for shoes, well, we won't discuss my obscene shoe collection lol. In my defense, my sister died 6 years ago and she and I had the same size foot. She probably had 200 pairs of shoes and probably as many purses. I took only SOME of them lol.


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