The Traits of a Lady


  1. My mother had a list of "ladies" do/don't rules as long as your arm. So did my Daddy, actually.
    1. Ladies always carry a handkerchief. Tissues do not count.
    2. Chickens have necks, ladies have throats.
    3. Horses sweat, gentlemen perspire, ladies glow.
    4. When getting into a car, ladies sit on the seat sideways with her knees together, she spins in the seat to put her feet on the floorboard, all the while with the knees together. (I'm 5' tall on a good day, and I drive a minivan. Sorry, Mother, that one went out the window.
    5. In a skirt, ladies always wear stockings and a slip or petticoat.
    6. No pearls or furs before 5:00.
    7. No white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day.
    8. A lady never takes any bite of food larger than her thumbnail.
    9. What you put in your mouth stays in your mouth. (Never EVER spit.)
    10. A lady may wipe her nose in public, but never blow.

    Before we could leave the house in new shoes (particularly heels), Daddy would make us walk down carpeted stairs onto a tile floor to a rug and then back the same path to make sure we could walk "ladylike" in the new shoes. If we couldn't, we had to practice and get it right before we could leave the house in those shoes.

    Those are just 10. Lol there are probably hundreds more.

  2. Thank you Eleanor! The passing gas confession made me giggle because I think once in awhile every lady has had that problem.😀


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