What to Do When Immodesty is All Around

This video was done to respond to a question posed to me by a sweet friend.  I was asked, "How do you keep your mind on the church services and sermon when you are surrounded by immodesty everywhere?".  Her husband also asked from a man's perspective as it is so especially hard on them.

It is a common problem for many of us who believe in following the Bible and trying to be careful about our own modesty.

A synopsis of the video would be I would first advise that we avoid pride in our own modesty.  That is a crazy easy trap to fall into.  We can't let ourselves get fluffed up in our own righteousness.  We have to remember we might not have always been modest ourselves.  I sure haven't always been modest all of my life.

Also, I asked my husband about his feelings on this topic since her husband had wanted that kind of perspective.  He said, first and foremost, please realize he isn't walking perfection.  Like any man, he struggles with keeping a clean mind and heart and guarding his eyes. 

His general thoughts were if you in such a situation and you see immodesty, the first is ok.  You can't help that.  It isn't your fault as it happens by accident.  Usually, immodest folks want to be noticed on some level too.  However,  when you look twice and take a second longer look, you have crossed into sinful territory there. 

Then you are very much responsible for your own action.  Yes, the immodest person may have been a stumblingblock and bear some responsibility.  You chose willfully to look again. 

It boils down to discipline.  This is both discipline of the eyes to look elsewhere, and the mind not to file away the images and think on them.  That isn't an easy answer, but we absolutely must discipline our eyes to not drink in the inappropriate visuals before us.  No matter what, it is all around us.  We have to be responsible for our own choices.

I added in the video, and I will add here as well...this is a battle we women struggle with too.  I sure do!  When I see bare-chested men on facebook, or else where, this is just as much of a stumblingblock to me.

Finally a major point my husband said.  When we accidentally see immodesty and feel instantly uncomfortable, that discomfort is a warning from the Holy Spirit we are in dangerous territory.  It doesn't mean you have done anything wrong as of yet, that only happens when you continue to look and think on the things you should not.  So that initial discomfort is a good thing.  It is a check in your Spirit.  Be thankful you have it to warn you to be careful.

Ultimately we have to remember this....

Matthew 5:28 But I say unto you, that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

The only real answer is the hard ones.  Discipline and prayer.  God can help us with this if we allow Him to.  We must not sin in our hearts.

In the video, I mention a book we read many, many years ago and found helpful.  There is a ladies version too that I have not yet read, but I intend to do so at some point.  I will link to both.  Apparently, there are ones for younger folks, single folks, etc.  I didn't know that until I searched for these links.  It has been years since I read the Every Man's Battle, so read with caution.  I am not endorsing everything.  I just remember it being helpful.

And finally here is my youtube video on the above topic.  Have a blessed day you all!!