This is a quick video for me, but I wanted to share about my wig clips I use to secure my headcoverings.  I think they are super awesome and cause me many less issues than other methods did.  My hair is a bit slick, and my covering stays put all day.  Folks have asked about them, so I put a video together on just these. 

I added the links from the video description to this blog post if you want to look at them.  You can also find them on ebay or in Sally Beauty stores.  This is a case, that if you buy them in bulk online you will probably come out cheaper than Sally Beauty.  The only negative is you need to be able to hand sew them to the bottom underside of the veil.  12 pcs Wig Clips Snap Comb Large 1 7/16" (Black)  30 Pack Black Stainless Steel Wig Clips, 10-Teeth Snap Combs Clips with Rubber for Hair Extension  1.5 x 0.6 inches (L x W)  This is a style I bought and hated.  I post them as a warning for what I felt did not work.

Other hair accessories that are super useful.:

The GVS catalog is cheaper for hairpins than Amazon.  They take quite a bit longer, especially if you don't already have a catalog.    Amazon does have some lots with a variety of sizes.  I specifically chose the Amish made ones though.  The other "snagless" ones with the ball coating on the tip I usually dislike so I linked to the style I do like.  The Amish made ones are significantly superior in my opinion. Pack Amish Heavy Duty U Shape Hair Pins for Fast Hair Bun (3 Inch Straight Silver)  12 piece Extra Strong Snag Free Crinkled Stainless Steel Hairpin (3 1/2 inch) (3 inch)

*When I link to Amazon, my links are affiliate links.  This means IF you buy after clicking on my link I can earn a tiny commission.  This costs you nothing extra and is helpful to my family.  I don't link for the purpose of affiliate links.  I link to be helpful.  I figure if I am linking anyway, I might as well earn a commission.  Thank you for buying through any of my links.