Headcovering: Am I Covered Fully Enough?

This video is a response to a recent rebuke I received.  I won't type much for a written version today due to time constraints, but I wanted to be sure to post the vlog for those who have had the same issue and ponderings.

I encourage thoughts and comments on this.  Have a blessed day!


  1. Thank you Eleanor. I confess I have had some "judgey" attitude towards some women who in my opinion wear too small of a covering. Oh how I always feel shamed of myself when I do that.

    Anyway, your coverings are always nice and I don't see anything wrong with them. So far no one has accused me of wearing to small a covering. I wear veils and they are fairly long but not so long that they hand down way past my shoulders. I used to have a long charity veil many years ago in my early days of covering but I gave it away because it was way too long.

    Well you take care dear sister. I love what you write hear and I enjoy your videos.

    1. It's all subjective isn't it? Mine are kind of middle range in size. Not huge, but neither tiny. I reckon there is always someone to see it as wrong. We just have to do our best to make sure we align with the scriptures and our husband's wishes I suppose.

      Thank you for your comments on here. I always read them. Though the blog isn't as quite to notify me of them like youtube is. I am not sure why, I need to investigate settings to see if they can email me when you or someone else comments. Blessings sis!!


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