Frugal Tips 2 Buying Cheaper Cuts of Roast Beef and Pre-cutting

 Last weekend I made a bulk meat purchase when I was at the grocery store.  So when I came home I was processing it before freezing it.  Basically that means I had my knife out and was trimming and cutting it up into more usable portions. 

It is MUCH cheaper to buy meat this way instead of buying 'stew meat' chunks or other small cut beef.  The exception is ground beef which I buy too.  This type of beef cut I use for when we make homemade Chinese, Beef Stew, Beef and Noodles, Beef Fajitas, or something like that. 

On a whim I decided to film the last couple of roasts as I cut in case it was helpful or some of y'all haven't thought of buying cheaper roast cuts and cutting up for other uses.  For $2.99 a pound, it was very much worth the time.

Anyway, here is the video.... Have a blessed day!!