Ways to Bring Blessings to My Husband and His Name

In sharp contrast of ways to bring shame to one's husband, I want to now cover ways to bring blessing to one's husband.

Some of these will be the opposite perspective of ways to bring shame.  Some will be new.

Resolve to only ever speak edifying things about your husband.  I have an entire older blog post on this point so I won't dive too deep here.  But it is a concept I encountered years ago from a book I had read called the Power of a Praying Wife.  I know not everyone agrees on certain books or authors but I did find things in that book I gleaned out.  That was the most memorable.  There was one other point I remember that will be my next point.

Pray daily for your husband's name to be respected by those around him.  This can apply to multiple things, career, church life, or life in general.  It has been a good prayer though.

Pray daily for him in all things of course.  We all need as much prayer as we can get and our husband certainly needs that. (so does our whole family)

Always try to speak kindly and respectfully to him.  Remember he is your love, your partner in life, and ultimately your authority if you believe in following Biblical headship.  Show him love and support and he will likely repay you a thousandfold.  It is simply just being married.  My husband always says marriage isn't for the good times.  It is for the bad.  You lift each other and support one another.  In those times when life gets hard, knowing you can count on your spouse is a HUGE comfort.  Be the wife he can count on in those hard time.

Do little things to make his day easier.  Many ladies bristle up at statements like this about similar to a cat with it's back arched up high and it's claws out.   Well, I encourage you to resist the modern day anti-male mindset and become okay with bringing your husband a glass of tea when it is low.  Help him lay out clothing for work if that is something he likes.  Help him gather things of a morning before work.  Make some breakfast before he goes.   Help him remember vitamins if he takes them. If he is a coffee drinker brew him a cup so he doesn't have to.  When he comes home at night, try to make sure the house is peaceful.  I realize it might not be perfect, things happen in the life of a Mama, but at least TRY to keep it that way.    Odds are great, your husband will constantly do little acts of love for you too.  Mine sure does.  I am often blessed with little helpful kindness he does.  Honestly, I seriously don't deserve the man.  He is awesome.

Encourage him to have some hobbies or outlets instead of nagging.  All people, myself included, can benefit from some creative outlets.  I sure do.  I draw and sketch a fair bit, I sew, I also have several other hobbies.  Frankly, I have more than my husband.  He only encourages each and everyone one.  I mention this one as I see many women nag their husbands within an inch of their life if they have a hobby that they don't approve of.  Let the man enjoy his free time.  Mine lets me enjoy mine and I try very hard to not pick at him for his.  The result is a husband who is very happy to spend time with you when you ask.  At least that is my experience.

Be a listening ear for him.  Occasionally my husband needs to vent about things in work or life.  I am his safe place to do that.  You are the person who can hear and not use things against him.  Listen without criticizing and giving advice.  Just listen, often that does wonders for a person.  My husband kindly does the same for me.  Be a wife he can confide in.

In contrast to my previous post about not wasting money, view it as being an earner.  You may be a stay at home wife and Mama like I am, but if you can save by doing frugal things, then in a way, you are helping the breadwinner earn.  The money he earns goes farther and does more good for your family.  That is an awesome thing.  If you are able, perhaps find little side businesses as time allows.  If God shows you a way to earn a small stream of funds on the side and still be a keeper at home, I think that is super awesome.  Not everyone can, but if you can great.  That would likely bless your husband.

Be a good homemaker and Mama to his babies (if you are blessed with kiddos).   If his parents are still alive be sweet and kind to them.  Show love to his family as well.  Pray for them as you might pray for your own.

Consider his wants and needs too.  Put the one you love before yourself.

I went over these points in my video which I will link below.  View if the Lord leads.  Have a blessed day!!!

Here is my youtube video on this topic.