Stop For the Hugs

I think this post will be written only.  I was thinking today about all of the many distractions of this world.  Some are necessary and important.  We have to clean.  We have to cook, and do laundry.  Groceries need to be purchased.  I have my various other tasks in life. 

However, when one of my family members stop by where I am, and their arms reach out for a big ol' that moment, all feels right in the world.  I often feel, no matter what I am doing, that I might be missing something else needing to be done.  For example, as I type this, I am remembering many things I wanted to accomplish today that didn't get done.

I have a bad habit of making a list with WAY too many goals.  My husband teases me as I am so bad about overshooting my estimate of my capabilities in a day. 

I will say that today much was done.  I rearranged some stuff in my kitchen and dining area to better accommodate homeschool.  I made meals.  I hung a flag out front.  It is Memorial Day after all.  I also washed a few laundry loads.  Still yet, there were things I wanted to do and did not.

However, my 7-year-old daughter came by me while I was busy at least twice today and spontaneously gave me the longest and sweetest hugs.  The kind you just want to cuddle into forever.  You wish they'd never grow up.  In your mind, you want to try to preserve such memories forever. 

I noticed as she hugged me, in those moments, I wasn't worried about other things I should be doing.  There was a peace in that hug.  The room around me was messy at the time.  The preciousness of that hug made it all a blur.

Never forget to stop for hugs.  No matter how busy our days get.  Stop for the hugs and enjoy every moment.