Changes to Blog and Mother's Day Ponderings

So I have been tinkering around for several hours this evening giving the blog a makeover. I also purchased a new domain. It no longer has the blogspot portion of the domain in there, but I just simplified it to match my youtube ID I have been known as for so long. I will have a lot of links to update in the meantime. Hopefully moving things around doesn't annoy the folks who read on here. Sometimes change is hard, and I admit, I don't always like website change. Please hang in there with me if you would.

 I am also strongly considering adding an additional youtube channel (or more) to better categorize those who subscribe to me. One problem I have is I am so "all over the place". This is true for the blog and the youtube.  I talk about sewing, homeschooling, homemaking, cooking, canning, headcovering, modesty, faith, etc. I have a lot of topics I touch on. I imagine not everyone is interested in ALL of it. I am undecided on how to best accomplish it, but right now I lean toward an additional youtube channel or two. All things would still be posted on the main channel though. The others would be extra only. This is something I am pondering anyway. I am not 100% sure if it is a good idea.

 For many years, I have asked myself why do I maintain youtube and the blog, etc. At times, I have hated doing it. Usually, I just did it because I feel led to do so. It is not within my natural personality as an introvert. The youtube is especially hard. Lately, I feel driven. I WANT to do it. I want to learn how to do it better and more effectively. Obviously, there is sharing about the precious Word of God. This is paramount above all other reasons. There has been the amazing fellowship I have gained from my online time.

 However, one of the additional things I am trying to accomplish with my blog and youtube videos is leaving something of myself out there for my kids.  Writings for them to look back on and learn from, an extra avenue for them to learn how I do things, etc.  This way, if something should ever happen and the Good Lord take me home earlier in life, rather than later, then they have an extra piece of their crazy Mama and what drove her.  They can also learn basic "how to's"

 In the meantime, it helps me fulfill that Titus 2 mission in life as well. Sharing what I do know, for anyone who is interested, for what it is worth. I figure not everyone had the absolutely OUTSTANDING mother than I was blessed with. My mother taught me so very much about homekeeping and being a wife and Mama. I see so many nowadays who do not know the simple things that I was taught.  I probably take this for granted far too often. This leads me to something important.

 I type this post the night before Mother's Day. A day that often leaves people pondering their Mama. Either a mom who is still with them, or one passed on. Some ladies mourn babies they have not been able to have or went home to be with God. For some, Mother's Day is one of happiness, and others it is one of sadness. I imagine some are mixed in their feelings. Each one of us can have some powerful feelings.  My heart hurts for those who suffer because of this day.  However, it is still important we take a moment to honor our precious mothers.

 Right now, I am of course thinking of my own Mama and the amazing woman she is. I often fail to live up to many of the things she does and does so very well. But she is someone who I look up to more than I can say. She is a Godly woman, who was driven to help me know the Lord as a child. She was a wonderful example in so many things. Every morning, I would wake to find her reading her Bible faithfully.  She always had a kind word for me, and lots of hugs.  I can not think of any time when I needed to talk to her than she didn't readily listen.  She is certainly an extremely giving person.  She is a quiet, soft-spoken, lady.  Small in stature and unmeasurable in heart.  She also has the fierce tenacity of the strongest protector you can imagine when one of her family was threatened.  Of course, she wasn't walking perfection, no woman is.  However, wow, I am so blessed for the Mama I have.

 I would be inept without my Mom. How do you thank someone who was instrumental in helping to introduce you to the saving grace of Jesus Christ? All words feel truly inadequate.  I can only hope to in some way pass on a piece of the things she has taught me and still teaches me. I am so thankful she is here with us and my children have their Nana. They love her so very much and so do I.

Happy Mother's Day Mom, I suppose you will read this blog post eventually. You are loved so much more than you know.  Thank you so much for always being willing to share everything you know. Most especially, thank you for your Christian walk in life.  Without it, I probably would not have my own relationship with Jesus.