Submission, Blessing or Curse?

The few of you who read this blog should know how I feel.  :-)  If you do not,  I will save you the suspense.

Submission is no doubt a wonderful blessing to my life.  The day my eyes were opened to the concept, my marriage was forever changed.  Not in that one day, but over the course of the years...a little at a time.  I have ZERO regrets.  It has many times over been a huge help to our marriage and our individual walks.

I know, I know it isn't popular today.  In fact, my attempts to talk about it all in internet land usually lead to people name calling me or anyone who dares defend my words.  I have been called lots of unkind things over my videos that reference this topic.

It is something I stand behind 100%.  It is God's Word and it is pretty black and white on the topic.  If you claim Christ, you need to wake up and read the scriptures that call for wives to submit to their husband.  Folks make arguments against it often, but most are pretty baseless in my thoughts.  I don't mean to just outright dismiss them.  It is just that back when I was on the other side of the fence on this topic...I was a pretty adamant, independent, feminist myself.  However, one day God kindly opened my eyes and I see the passages so clearly I can't fathom how I ever made excuse otherwise.

I do not claim to have all of the scriptural understanding of all the Bible..  This is a topic I still learn daily on.  It is something that is a radical thought in this day and age.  It is so hated.  Our culture is growing to be nearly matriarchal.  Most decisions, especially buying decisions are made by women nowadays.  Women are often the real source of leadership in marriages, unless it is an older traditional-type couple.  Most younger couples have submissive men and dominant women.  They might not admit it, but they are.

Yes, I knew there are a few exceptions....but there sure don't seem to be a lot.  We don't have cable tv anymore, but when I get a glimpse of it and the commercials see it obviously.  Look how wise the ladies are portrayed.  Look at what idiots the men are made out to be.  It is just a reflection of our current culture.  It is not a reflection of Biblical values at all.

Do I hate women as I was once asked?  Hardly.  Of course I am one.  I love my sisters.  I only wish for them to experience the blessing of submission in marriage.  It truly is beautiful if you are open to how God can make it into a wonderful thing.  It is hard to learn a Bible based concept, if you have nothing but hate for it.  Don't hate it, embrace it.