Homeschool Bones

So I was at JoAnn's the other day buying fabric for my sewing headcovering orders for my sister site  While waiting in line (which was admittedly trying my patience that day) Daniel kept seeing all of the Halloween stuff.  In our home, we make the choice not to celebrate that holiday.  Daniel kept chatting about it rather loudly, which was drawing dirty looks from other people.  Thus, I was really wishing the line would move faster.  Yes, I know, we are horrible mean parents who are cruel to our children for not celebrating that holiday.....anyway....

This post isn't to talk about Halloween...I had an idea I wanted to share.    While standing there for so long, it game me the opportunity too see all of the impulse buys they have line up to entice folks.  LOL

I seen these little wooden skeletons that are meant to be colored with markers for a $1.  I thought, hey, it is a good visual aid for our homeschool.  We bought it, and then looked up in a book all of the bone names and marked on the back of it.  Daniel thinks it is very neat. 

So, sometimes the Halloween items can have another purpose that might be useful.