Research Your Birth Control

This is another thing I am copying over from my facebook sharing today.  It is a topic I consider very important and very personal.  I pray all people would really look at these things with much prayer and research.

I am so glad they are calling attention to how some forms of birth control prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg into the womb. This is a point I wish more were aware of.

Personally, at one time, I had more than 1 doctor outright... lie to me about how some things worked. When I found out, I was horrified, crushed, and so repentant. I also felt devastated for all of the potential babies killed. And yes, I believe that is an appropriate term. Ironically after that, I spent many years desperate to conceive and was unable to. I praise God for his grace and mercy and the two beautiful children I have today. Perhaps one day He might send more. But we are open to His will on the matter.

I will NEVER use anything abortifacient intentionally. This is VERY personal to me. I share it in a desire to get others to research (on your own) about the various forms of birth control. Find out for yourself how they REALLY work. Don't casually take the work of your doctor, even if you think he is a nice guy. Think and pray about it all before consenting to it. If you don't, you might find a lifetime of regret. 


  1. Birth control for me is not something that is sinful. It actually helps achieve a better quality of life.

  2. I've never met anyone who used birth control and didn't have health issues because of it--everything from terrible acne to weight gain (50+ pounds in just a few months!), and problems conceiving when the BC was stopped. I don't want to deal with those, nor do I want to put synthetic hormones into my body!


  3. The problem of sinning is that it is universally sinful whether we choose to believe it or not. Scripture is quite clear about children being a blessing of God, the repeated command for his people to be fruitful, the prohibition against taking human life, the warnings against idolatry (playing God), and being of the world. Birth control dates back at least as far as Ancient Egypt, and neither the Hebrew people, nor all of church history, condoned it's use until the mid 1970's. I am concerned when believers decide that what God's people have called a clear sin for thousands of years is not a sin for them. There is great joy in submitting to God's design. I can not achieve a better quality of life than the one He has planned for me.

  4. I'm against abortifactants, but I hadn't really thought about other forms of birth control and how they can be a sin. This is something I will definitely be praying about.


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