Just thinking on the direction for this blog and youtube

I have been thinking.  I do believe I am going to post more often as time allows.  Sometimes it will be text, sometimes video. 

I often don't do various writings or "how to's" because it seems so many have been done elsewhere many times over.  However, something I want to do is create a way for my children to be able to learn about me, the things I know, the things I believe, the things I do.....from me.

If God forbid, the Lord would call me home while they are still young, then I want them to have a way to learn about who I was and the things I wanted to pass on to them.  My husband lost his Mama at a young age and has little he remembers of her.  He would desperately like to know more of who she really was.

In this day and age with the ability to video and photo things easily, I would like to prevent that from happening with my own children if possible.  I always kind of wanted to do that in a diary,  but I tend never to get around to it. 

I was thinking, why not incorporate that mentality into my blog and videos?  It also will be a resource for anyone who wants to read and share too.

So, you may see some seriously simple "how to's" come along.  I will still share on deeper topics too of course(as led).  I don't usually write 'just because'...I don't write to a schedule or to gain audience.  I do not blog or do videos for ad money.  (I briefly allowed them on youtube and I had to take them off as some were pro choice ads.  I was horrified when I seen that.  I took that down as soon as I learned about it.  Since that experience, I have no desire to do that again.  Anyway, I am rabbit trailing....)  My main purpose has been to share in the spirit of Titus 2 and as the Holy Spirit leads.  That will still be the same overall.

This blog is already such a mis-mash of different things(Christian writings, submission to husbands, weight loss, how to's, sewing, etc).  I hope it doesn't bother anyone with the varied topics and so forth.  If ya'll are willing to stay with me, then just skip over the ones that don't interest you.

This morning as I was working in the kitchen I shot pics of various things I was doing like making raw sauerkraut.  I also shot pics of making my homemade laundry soap.  I know there are many sites to discuss these things already, but I will still cover them.  I believe as go about my life, I will try to keep my camera with me more and shoot as I go, and hopefully thus teach as I go.  Hopefully, in the end other sisters will be able to glean something as well. 

In the past couple weeks, I almost stopped doing videos and blogging completely.  I let things bother me that I should not have.  Silly minor things in the grand scheme of life.  I felt like my videos and writings just were becoming too annoying, not relevant, not important, etc.  I felt like,"Who am I? Am I just yammering on about stuff with no one really caring?".  I absolutely felt injured after some really cruel comments on youtube recently.  I did turn off the comment function on youtube briefly. 

Then someone told me she watched my videos and changed to be a more submissive wife, and as a result, her atheist husband came to Christ.  That hit me powerfully and made me ashamed for almost giving up over such silly reason. 

I may not be nobody important.  I may not have a lot of unique or powerful things to say.  But I know God has used me in some small with a few people, and even one instance of Him using me in any way is worth continuing.  Writing and doing videos for my children's sake is a new way of thinking about all of this, but also worth doing. 

Anyway, for now, have a blessed day in the Lord.