At What Point?


At what point does one wake up and let the scales fall from their eyes?

They have walked a narrow path of Christ at one time.  They exemplified virtuous traits of the scriptures.  They were meek, kind, loving, they cared for their husband and children, they tried to be sober minded, they avoided drunkenness, they were blessed to be able to be a keeper at home, they focused on learning Biblical living ways.  They were an encouragement and edification to so many.  They were separate from the world, in attire and actions.  They focused on others, instead of self.  Their family was often mentioned, and so much joy was within.  They clearly had an attitude of serving and selflessness.  Serving Christ, and walking a narrow path was the primary focus of their life.  Serving family was second.

However, slowly changes are made. Perhaps letting in little things to pamper oneself occasionally doesn’t seem so bad? There is no real harm in wanting to feel a little pretty.  Who doesn’t? So the attire changes to add some fun and frill. Beauty is not sinful.  However, at some point that isn’t the case.  The line gets blurred, more and more and further away. A little frill becomes slowly to blatant immodesty and vanity.

Prettiness to please ones husband is no longer the main concern, but prettiness to please the world becomes paramount. Necklines plunge.  Skirt hems raise.  Having a pleasant time of fellowship with friends becomes nights out of alcohol and dancing with strange men. Immodest attire and behaviors NEVER before considered remotely acceptable now become perfectly normal.

The attitude of selflessness is gone, but one of selfishness has taken over.  The focus becomes one pleasure and having fun.  While the children are at home in someone else’s care.  How do the children feel?  How does the husband feel?

These changes progress slowly, so one almost doesn’t realize how VERY much they have changed.  Perhaps others have tried to warn them they strayed from the narrow path they once walked?  Maybe they were quickly were told to mind their own business and not be so judgmental? Perhaps no one has warned them at all?  Some may have even encouraged them to finally go out and have fun and focus on self.

Many of us may have elements of this hypothetical person in our lives.  Perhaps we are that literal person?  We know what we should be doing.  We know how we should be living.  However, we have let innocent little changes, become big changes over time.

We took tiny steps from a narrow path, until somehow we walked right over to the freeway of the world.  At what point will we wake up, repent, and take the nearest exit ramp to get off of this worldly main road of life.  May we get back on and STAY on that narrow path.  May we find our joy in serving God and family.  May we really and truly see, where we have been and where we are going.

A vital question we must ask ourselves……How do I think God feels about how I am living my life right now? Is my path a narrow one according to Him?  How does He view my actions, my attire, and most importantly my heart?  The answer to that question should tell us all we need to know.

Let us pray to today if we have scales over our eyes, that they fall so we may see clearly to walk the narrow path of a mighty and Holy God!
Follow up note:  I want to clarify something lest I be misunderstood.  Exterior beauty or looking pretty is not a sin.  There is no hard obvious line where it becomes such, as a lot of it what is going on inside one’s heart.  Exterior beauty is fine.  However, vanity of the heart is sin.  Immodesty is sin.  There is no one perfect attire for a professing Christian sister.  She has much freedom in how she dresses.  It may certainly be in a pleasing manner and long as some vital lines are not cross. 

Things to avoid:

Things to exemplify both in dress and demeanor:
Beauty (however inner beauty must always be more important than exterior)

Make sure we encourage one another as sisters in Christ to adorn ourselves with Godliness and not worldliness.


  1. hi Eleanor, thanks for the post. I have watched some of your youtube videos - I learnt about the bias of fabric..from you! I'm in Australia. If you could leave a comment on my blog that would be great please -trying to get it going again :) I have an Easter scripture on there atm.


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