Answers to Weight Loss Question

This was something I wrote up a little while back to answer the questions folks are sending about my weight loss. 

To those who are asking about what I am doing to lose weight, I thought I would post to try to answer all at once.

Most important thing is being accountable for what I eat. I log the food. Even if it is a bad day, whatever goes in my body is written down. I use a FREE online journal to do that. It is easier than writing it all down and doing the math manually. The site I use is however there are others like sparkpeople and so forth. It does not matter how you log your food as long as it is done. The important thing is you HAVE to know what you are eating.

Unless you are really good at it, don’t “eyeball” your food measurement. Get the measuring cups out and measure. Get a cheap food scale for weights too(only about $10). Having baked a lot I can eyeball a cup of something pretty well, but the weight of meats I am a terrible judge. Don’t guess, make sure. There isn’t a lot of point in writing it down if it isn’t true.

I watch calories AND carbs. For me that is very important as my endocrine system has not been normal. If you just want to watch one, then more power to you, it will still help you. I have been changing my goal around as I need to, but the amount of carbs and calories a person needs is individual. For me, my calorie goal is currently 1300 and my carbs is around 80 a day. It should be a fair amount higher for a person of my weight....according to all popular advice and calorie calculators.  But again, my endocrine system isn’t fully normal. I am hypothyroid and I have been diabetic (that is now in remission). So what my body needs to lose, is going to be different that you most likely. I pay little attention to fat content like some people do. I do not seek out lowfat foods intentionally. I do not believe fat is bad for your body, unless it is in a extreme excess. I know many would disagree with there, and that is okay.

Exercise....I walk often, and if I don’t do that I am on my stationary bike. I also have been making use of the gym at the rental office. It doesn’t matter what you do, even hard cleaning counts, just move more. I have been exercising about 20-45 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Intensity counts, and be honest with yourself. I have exercised more in the past few months than I ever have in my entire life.

WATER WATER WATER Drink a lot. It helps your body and organs tremendously. It helps you feel full when you are hungry. It helps you to just simply feel better. It keeps you regular. It is very important and I absolutely will not skip it.

I did give up soda mostly. I find it too addictive. If I drink one, I want 12. There is nothing good for you in it anyway. You don’t HAVE to do that to lose weight obviously, but your body will thank you if you do. I don’t like most artificial sweeteners, so I won’t do diet soda at all. I would rather have none.

I do take supplements. Mostly just a multivitamin, plus I supplement vitamin D pretty aggressively. I do not take, nor will I ever EVER take weight loss drugs.  Kelp for my thyroid is very useful.

I am trying to eat new foods, even ones I don’t like just because they are good for me and I know my body needs them. Some have turned out tasty, some are still nasty. But I am learning that quote I have heard so many time. “Eat to live, don’t live to eat.”

I am NOT, nor will I ever be perfect. I have days where I get a bit high or have food treats...but I log them...and I try not to have another for a while. I have days where I feel tired and I don’t work out as much, or the same intensity...but I do still try to get SOMETHING in. My mental mindset has been a HUGE change in the past few weeks. I found it important to acknowledge I had a problem with gluttony. You can not repent of, what you refuse to acknowledge. It would be easy to cry that my hypothyroid caused my problems, or blame various things....but in MY case, I undeniably had an issue with gluttony. I will battle that thorn in my flesh as long as I live. I will have to log my food forever. It is a DAILY battle, and while I am getting quite used to it, I know I could fall off of the wagon at any point. I pray for strength from God, and I am so thankful He guides me in this journey each day. He lifts me so much. Without God, I would surely fail.

I hope than answers the questions I have had. I have a very, very long way to go still. It took many years to get here, and it is going to take a long time to reach a healthy weight. Health is a treasure, not to be taken lightly or cast aside with little care. Blessings to those of you are are on the same journey!


  1. Hello Radically for Jesus! I want to thank you for the headcovering sewing instructions on youtube. I made four today and they turned out well. The Lord has certainly blessed you in your weight loss journey. I wanted to say don't worry about your family. As you pray for them, trust the Lord because He is the one that can put the bit in the horses mouth. All of our worry won't change a thing. And one thing I have learned, whatsoever is not of faith is sin. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. God hath not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and a sound mind. He can make the vilest sinner clean. I guess that is more than one thing....but you get the idea. Not meant to criticize but to encourage your faith. We have to patiently wait and that is our test. I appreciate what you are doing and it is really a blessing to me personally.


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