Please consider giving to a fund for unemployeed families

A couple days ago I posted that I intended to have a headcovering raffle and to enter you had to make donations to a fund for a couple unemployed families I know.  However I deleted the post because Paypal hit me with restrictions on my account because it was a rules violation.  I wrote them and they provided clarification.

They said I may proceed to collect donations. However, I am NOT allowed to do so with the raffle method. That is fine with me, I was just trying to do what I could to help boost donations for the cause. So I put the donation button back out on my site. It has to be a free and clear donation. Anything can help, as even folks giving little amount can add up quickly if enough people do so.

I  know many were perhaps distrustful of it all or maybe even of me? But all I can do is try my best to carry through with this. For what is it worth, I do give my word that 100% of the money collected is going to be used for those in need. I have NO intention to keep any of it.

Even if you are unable to donate, please don't be shy about sharing about it. The more who know, the better. The details and the link to donate are on the homepage of my site. Thank you for your time and attention.

Please visit to make a donation.

***This particular fund raiser has ended and the funds collected were distributed anonymously.  The names and addresses of the families were kept private as to avoid embarassment.  They were also were unaware of being on the list themselves.  It was a surprise for them and hopefully they have no clue as to where funds came from.  This was meant as purely for God's glory. ***


  1. I would love to help. I can send items and possibly cash donations directly to the families. Please send me a list of their names and addresses. Packages will be sent immediately.

  2. Your comment and willingness to help left me unsure of how to handle it. The problem is the folks in question were completely unware of what was going on. Their names and addresses I have been keeping private to spare them any public embarrassment. I considered breaking that, and asking them for permission to share their information. However, I wasn't sure how to handle it so I asked my husband his counsel and he said he felt it important to continue to keep things private. The funds that were given, were sent off last week with no return address. I am really praying they make it safely. I appreciate your prayers on that matter if you would. So far I haven't caught wind of them being received safely. Hopefully I hear, but I can't really outright ask without giving it away. I appreciate your eagerness to help, tis a rare virtue indeed.


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