Update on Evan

I just wanted to let folks know real quick they still have not found Evan.  Here is an updated picture.  there IS a kidnapping warrant out for his father.  They have not issued an amber alert, but they have tried and thus far it hasn't been allowed.

Be aware, some news articles are not reflecting the correct information.  In fact one newspaper just printed a lot of incorrect things and the family is pretty worried that it will hinder/delay a safe return home for Evan.  www.dailyhome.com is the one who printed a lot of incorrect things.  If you have time, please politely email them or comment to ask for a retraction/correction.  Continue to share Evan's pics on facebook or however you can.  And lastly, don't forget to pray over it all.  (**update, they have since said they intend to print a retraction/correction and said they were given the inaccurate information initially)

Oh as a side note, and unrelated to the above...I wanted to say that due to traveling during the holidays and as soon as we got home the family all started getting sick....(currently I sound like a frog), I am behind on a lot of things.  In particular I have quite a few emails I have not gotten to reply to yet.  I am so sorry.  I will try to get to that as quick as I can, but please be aware it may be a few days as I have many things at home I am terribly behind on.  i.e. Laundry is a moutain worthy of being named.  LOL 

Blessings in Christ!


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