Thank you for joining me on blogspot!

I am moving my written articles here today.

They have been on my main website for a long time under the  domain.

However, I want to break the written articles off into it's own area, as it is far more convenient to do writing here within a blog.  :-)  I am hoping it makes it easier to share things as God lays them on my heart. 

Some of you already know I also have the youtube account where I have a lot of things like this in video format, plus the sewing and weight loss videos.  I may start incorporating the individual videos here as well when I do them.  In fact, here is the video I just did announcing the change to using blogspot!  :-)

Basically, I am just trying to better organize my online time. Hopefully this works out well!

Have a blessed day!!!


  1. YEA! Now your on blogger :)

    Following you :)

  2. Great Blogspot.I always enjoy your you tubes You are looking so healthy. Have you considered bangs, they would totally suit you and soften your face. Sorry I'm a hairdresser can't help myself :-$

  3. God Bless Sister! Your a special blessing. Praise God let us support each other :) I like what your doing Jesus be with you completely. : )

    Brother Mark
    The King's House


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