So you have committed to wearing dresses all the time, but are wondering how to it perhaps? Maybe you are just considering taking the step but need more information. Perhaps you are just curious to see what else I am blathering about on this site. :-) Well here are a few tips for those who are wearing dresses full time. Perhaps full time is an overstatement, as I assume you will shower once in a while...LOL.
Dress Wearing Tips
Most women who have went to dresses only will tell you the number one thing to make dress wearing comfortable and practical is also Biblically required....MODESTY. Only when they are long and loose is this practical for an everyday thing.
My personal favorite tip, PANTALETTES! Can't wear dresses without them personally. You can easily make them by just cutting off a loose pants pattern or lengthen a shorts patterns. If you are truly desperate, take some old pants and cut them off, no one need know but you. You can find them on many modest clothing sites. I may offer them eventually. They are so valuable for comfort, plus they are an extra layer of modesty.
Many ladies are concerned about wearing dresses and being cold in the winter. No need to be. Just put on some thermal underwear under your dresses. Or even easier still, sweat pants work great. You will be even toastier than before you went to dresses. Fleece and flannel slips are also good choices too. Again if your dress is properly modest and loose, then you will have no issue concealing these layers.
Shoes are a big reason why many ladies don't like the thought of dresses only. If I felt I had to wear dress shoes all of the time I wouldn't like it either. There is a simple answer. Don't. Wear tennis shoes, crocs, or whatever is comfortable. There are many options. I suggest finding solid colors such as black or white so you can keep it simple. No it isn't the perfectly society loved thing, but neither is wearing dresses all the time. :-) If you must wear a dress shoe, then chose a comfortable flat or something with no more than a 1" heel. If your feet are uncomfortable you will be too.
Consider changing the panty hose for opaque tights/knee highs for an extra level of modesty. I especially recommend this if you don't wear ankle length dresses. If you do, it isn't so much of an issue. I keep them at ankle length and just wear black socks and black shoes, pretty comfortable.