Practical Ideas for Showing Submission to Your Earthly Master

Practical Ideas for Showing Submission to Your Earthly Master
The below tips were sent to me by Sister Christine. She and her husband gave their approval for posting here. I have edited/rearranged the list a little bit for clarification and format.
I realize much of this list will anger people. It is not my intention to cause strife by posting it. However, I do think some sisters in Christ who are truly interested in looking for tips to serve their husband's better can benefit from it or even just a few of the tips. Please read with an open servants heart. It is radical in comparison to even a conservative viewpoint on submission to one's husband. However, I also think there is a lot of wisdom within these words. One day I may add to the list with some of my own tips as times allows. If you are a submissive wife and you have valuable tips for serving your earthly master and wish to share them here, please email me privately and I will prayerfully consider sharing them here as well.
Abbrevations contained in this list:
dh=dear husband
dm=dear master
Try to wake up with a prayer in our hearts before the Lord, to seek what & how God would have us serve and bless our dear husband's for the day, before we even open our eyes. And upon doing so, do our best to wake up with a smile on our faces, with kisses & hugs to our dh's. Asking our earthly master's what it is they feel is most important for us to be tending to on that day.
Wake up before your family, especially before your husband and take care of serving him breakfast, packing any lunch if applicable, and helping him be ready to leave for work. If he likes coffee ready, see that it is done. Ask him for the the things he would like you to do each morning. Perhaps his wishes aren't what you'd think they are.
Always seek his input about your day. Does he have tasks or chores he particularly wants you to attend to. Consider keeping a time management folder or chore list for him to review to help you with your homekeeping. You may find the chores and tasks that are a priority to him, are not what you think they are.
Never speak ill of your earthly master in front of his children(or anyone), instead show them how a true Sister of the faith defers to her dh/their father in all things. Showing their children, especially their daughters how to submit to and wait on their future earthly masters, serving them at all times. Then their daughters will learn and know their proper Godly appointed place in the home when they're grown and have a family to tend to and serve.
Teaching his boys the importance of Biblical Patriarchy, leading their future families in all things in a Godly/Loving way.
Teaching his daughters how to Submit, Serve & Obey in Biblical Obedience, silence and sweetness to their Heavenly Father & unto their future husbands/earthly masters.
Teaching our daughters the importance of service and homeskills, the duties of a home & family where all Sisters of the Faith truly belong, not out in the world doing her own thing, but that only which her dh/earthly master desires of her to be doing.
Always seek your earthly master's permission before spending any money, if he wishes too, obey him and follow his handling of all of his money with the paying of bills, etc.
Ask your earthly master for a budget/allowance & stick to it.
If your dear sweet master allows you to vote in all important elections of our nation, then joyfully & wisely do so! If he prefers to be the one to cast the vote for your family, then obey him and do not vote again until he tells you that you can.
Before agreeing to any ladies-church groups, bible studies, Sunday School teaching, VBS,Choir, Coffee/Visits with the Sisters, seek your earthly masters permission 1st!
Try to find your complete & true joy by remaining in your dh's home, tending to his children, your chores and serving your earthly master! Seeking activities to do together as a family, only with your dh's permission of course.
When serving any meal of the day or evening, never expect your earthly master to help prepare it or clean up, unless he offers.
Always serve your earthly master and children first, before even thinking of sitting down to eat. Getting up at all of his or his children's request for more food or beverages.
Respect our dh's and teach his children to do the same, as he leads the family in prayer, worship or devotions before or after meals.
Try not to share or vent about the problems of your day when your earthly master returns home, or sits down to his table to eat. Just quietly & sweetly serve him. Asking about your dh's day, wishes for the chores of the rest of the evening, hearing out any family vision's or calls that the Lord may have laid upon his heart recently.
Train his children to give hugs & well wishes for the day when their father is leaving or arriving home.
Smile, hug, kiss and greet your dh upon his arrival home, offering to take his coat, hat, shoes, etc.
Offer to massage his back or rub his feet, help him to pick comfortable clothing to change into after working a hard days work.
Offer him a beverage or snack if dinner isn't quit ready, but do your best to always have dinner ready when he requests that it be done.
Do not expect your dh to do anything when he is in his home. Wait on him at all times on hand & foot!
If your dh so wishes to offer his help in any area, gladly & respectfully take him up on it, spoiling him in other ways to show your thankfulness for such a treat!
Our earthly master's work hard enough to provide for their families, and shouldn't have to do anything when in their home. As we don't wish to burden them with any extra work, as our household chores are- our duties and proper place to be serving. Of course there will be the usual work in the home or on the property that is our dh's domain/area of work outside of our work.
Tend to all of his childrens needs. Schooling, teaching a Godly work ethic and Godly character, chores, feeding and bathing, washing their clothing, taking them to doctor's, friends homes, church or sport outings. Their fathers should be convicted though to lead their children/families in a Godly training/foundation, leading in biblie study, devotions, worship.
When home, our earthly masters should train & discipline their children without our input. We should follow their lead in their parenting/Godly training & wishes. Not however following them into sin, or abuses of their children though. Lots of prayer & Godly guidence needed in these problem areas should a family be experiencing these issues.