Headcovering Tips and Thoughts
Not every woman's head shape and hair type are the same. This can and will affect the types, sizes, fabrics, and other factors in finding a veiling that is perfectly suited for you. You may need to experiment to find what works best for you. Please do not feel discouraged if covering is hard at first because of this. It might just take you finding what works best for you. Give it time and try many things.
I personally find pinned/clipped on kapp types of coverings stay on very well and are comfortable. You may find a tied on veil does better for you.
A person also needs to realize if they have an unusually large or small head that will affect not only the fit of a covering, but the look. The style may look a little different, etc.
Some Various Ways to Secure Headcoverings
  • Clip Buttonholes can be sewn to the underside of many styles of coverings. This hides them away, and still keeps the veiling on securely.
  • A nice semi-concealed way to secure your coverings is to use matching bobby pins or clips. i.e. white bobby pins* on a white veiling.
  • Some folks use the hook side of velcro to the underside of veilings and it will catch into the hair and help hold a veiling in place. I tried that myself and often it ripped at my hair. Perhaps it would work better for another hair type.
  • Using straight sewing pins to pin veilings on is a traditional method for Mennonite and Amish style kapps. This is pretty easy and is no where near as hard as it may sound. I have an page on doing this as well.
  • Simply selecting a tied on style may work just fine for some people. (ie a simple kerchief) My hair is kind of slick and often they slide off in my case, unless it ties under the chin.
  • Using larger veilings similar to what Muslim ladies are often known for wearing will enable you to use wrapping methods to keep them pretty secure. Though some of those methods also entail clips, depending on what look you are going for.
  • Underscarves are another option I can think of. They can provide traction for larger veils to stay on better and can be hugely helpful. They also add additional coverage, especially in the forehead area.
* If you have trouble finding white bobby pins, there are multiple options. They can be purchased online at various covering sites, ordered through the GVS catalog, or I have also seen them at Sally Beauty if you have one of those near you. The GVS catalog option is the cheapest by far as long as you happen to be ordering from them anyway to offset the shipping costs. Their catalog can be obtained by calling 1-800-398-2494 or emailing sales@gvsdis.com
Covering at Night
If you happen to cover at night this can be challenging to keep it on. Some simply don't try, they just leave the covering beside them at night and if they wake up and wish to pray they pop it on and do so.
Large veils are nice on cold nights to snuggle into. They sometimes can be hard to keep on. But wrapping up in them can go a long way.
To keep a covering on all night, I find a tied on soft cloth kapp does a decent job. Obviously you won't want to use a stiff mesh kapp for this. Under the chin ties do keep it on more securely.
So far, I haven't been a fan of using a mob style cap, but many ladies do love them. Those are usually staying on with elastic. Unless your elastic is a perfect fit, it will slip off easily. Too tight and they just aren't very comfortable.
All in all, I am sure many other tips could be added here, and in time I may add more as I think of them. Remember things that I love/dislike in a covering may be the opposite for you. The key is not giving up and keep on trying till you are comfortable. You soon will be.


  1. For the cover I made from your you tube, I use silver clips, the kind that snap :)and with my fine hair it holds very well..

  2. I saw your hair in a you tube video I am trying to grow mine out and was wondering if there is any tips you give me please..


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